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ӰԺ Climate Hub: a community for change

We are Generation One – a collective of people committed to a new era of positive climate action. By turning science and ideas into action we are working towards creating a positive, fair and progressive future. For us and for the generations to come. Join us.
We can all play our part...

Climate change, along with biodiversity loss, confronts humanity with an enormous threat. But history and the COVID-19 crisis, have taught us that extraordinary changes are possible.

Now more than ever, the world looks to powerful research communities like ӰԺ to lead the push for change, mobilising large, diverse groups of committed people, backed by excellent scholarship, to effect concrete impact in the world.

As a community of staff, students, citizens and partners, ӰԺ is addressing the climate challenge on multiple fronts; ranging from what we can achieve today, to pioneering future system change, and putting sustainability at the heart of our campus.

Get inspired by the extraordinary breadth of climate-focused activity taking place at ӰԺ and find out about our Generation One campaign and how you can get involved.

Watch: Climate Change at ӰԺ

ӰԺ and the climate emergency

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Dr Helen Czerski, ӰԺ Dept of Mechanical Engineering, introduces the climate emergency and ӰԺ action to address it.

Our Generation One campaign

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Presenting ӰԺ's campaign - bringing together a new generation taking collective responsibility for our future climate.
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Join Generation One

Our campaign for a new era of climate action

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Preparing for COP28

Translating climate research into global action

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Find a climate expert

We are looking at the climate challenge from all angles

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Explore our research

Scientific, health and social research for climate action

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Study climate change

A ӰԺ education is a climate education

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Taking and inspiring action

Find out about ӰԺ action including Sustainable ӰԺ

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ӰԺ East Gaia

ӰԺ Retains 1st Class People and Planet Award

ӰԺ has proudly retained its first-class honours in the People and Planet University League 2023, for the 7th consecutive year - solidifying our position as a sustainability leader among UK universities.

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UK needs to step up efforts to mitigate climate change

Efforts to tackle climate change are not keeping up with the fast pace of global warming and increasing climate risks, according to a report by the Climate Change Committee involving ӰԺ experts.

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Evidence supports urgent action to halve emissions by 2030

Immediate and deep emissions reductions are required across all sectors - as well as widespread use of carbon removal technology - to limit warming to 1.5°C, according to a new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, involving contributions from ӰԺ academics.

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